Friday 22 August 2014

Noises off

At first, I thought the rhythmic thumping I could hear was my next door neighbour, um.... enjoying some quality time with a special friend.  Our walls are rather thin, which is a bit of a worry, as I now realize that he can probably hear me singing in the shower.  Then I noticed that the banging noise continued, even when he wasn't there.  Maybe it was his washing machine then?  But no, it can't be that; it's been going on continuously during the day for the last couple of weeks at least.  And whilst my neighbour's clothes always look clean, how much washing can a single man in his twenties need to do?  {My inner Adam, being about 15, has no thoughts on this.}
Maybe the noise was coming from the house on the other side?  By which, of course, I mean the house on the other side of mine, not some ghostly dwelling that may formerly have occupied this plot of land.  My other next door neighbour is an older lady. Oh dear, maybe she's stuck in bed and is pounding on the floor with a walking stick, like Madam Fanny in 'Allo Allo', calling out, "Will no-one attend to the banging of a poor old woman!"
Fortunately, that's proved not to be the case either, as I've seen her up and about on many occasions while the noise continues.

Actually, I've worked out what the persistent, Chinese drip noise is now.  There's a new shopping centre being built about half a mile away, and what I can hear is some sort of boomping machine doing pile driving {As if I know what that is}.  Apparently, the works are due to be finished 'before Christmas 2015'.  Oh joy.