Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Heinous in blue jeans

The healthy eating plan appears to be working, to some extent at least.  {Wine counts towards my '5-a-day', right?  Not too sure about orange jelly, but jam's got to be ok.}

Anyway, the good news is that I can now get into my old jeans again.  The bad news is, now that I come to look at them properly, {rather than weeping, screwing them up into a ball and throwing them across the room} I see that the fabric is now so thin {ok, stretched and worn} in some places that I can see right through it.  My beloved pointed out that many people wear jeans with 'designer rips' in them, but they're usually on the front, round the knees, not... higher up.  And although I'm pleased that my hips are a little smaller now, I really don't want to show the world.  There was nothing for it, I'd have to buy a new pair.

Regular readers will know that I don't like shopping.  But surely jeans, that most basic of garments, should be easy to buy.  After all, I actually knew, for once, exactly what I wanted; something similar to the style of jeans I've been wearing since I was 16. {Not the same pair, obviously.}  Pale blue denim, boot cut.  {Or, as they were described in those days, flared.}

The trouble is, it's now apparently autumn, so the only pale blue jeans I could find in the shops were actually leggins.  There were many pairs of dark jeans, apparently the only acceptable colour for the colder months ahead, but they were also 'skinny fit'.
Now, I have nothing against leggins; I own several pairs. But they only work  with a long, baggy top, otherwise they look, as my grandmother would have said, like you've forgotten your skirt.  Besides, I haven't had a summer holiday this year, so I'm still in strappy-top mode.

I did consider trying my favourite retail outlets, the charity shops - of which there are many in this town.  However, any jeans I could find in there would probably be just as worn out as the ones I already had.  Besides, jeans have to be tried on, and charity shop changing rooms aren't usually very private.  Yes, you can return purchases, but I always feel rather mean doing that.  I know it's less than a fiver, but if I could afford to donate that amount to charity I wouldn't be shopping there in the first place.

In the end I went home, rummaged through my wardrobe and, to my great delight, found another old pair of jeans.... that I can also get into again now!  Just about.  Provided I wear a long, baggy top.

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